Tuesday, 9 November 2010

And we are up to date!

Two blog posts in a row! Wonders will never cease. More importantly look at this lovely cake. Elaine was commissioned to make this for Isabel. So lovely! Elaine has been very busy with her cake decorating of late and has been bringing some of her beading along to work on during the group.

We have also had another swap night. This is actually only a small fraction of what was brought along. Even this didn't last long. I think most people managed to come away with something. There were even some fiction books. Anything left behind was taken to the charity shop Roberta helps out in.

As you can see swap night was a busy night and we were still missing a few people.

These cute dolls were dressed by Stephanie. She knitted their little outfits from patterns especially for the dolls. She was going to give them away but after some encouragement from the rest of us she has decided to hang on to them. I have a feeling that a few others will be ordering these dolls and knitting their little outfits.

This is the shawl Roberta has been working on for Josephine. A friend of Josephine's had started it and was unable to finish. Roberta kindly offered to do so and it was finished Tuesday there.

Sorry again for the delay in posts but that's us all caught up now!

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