Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

 I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year. We are back as normal tomorrow and we are starting off with a baby shower for Sheena. Before that I had better post all those photo's I am behind on. I have reduced the size of the photo's in the hopes that it won't eat up quite as much memory.

The first few photo's are from finishes brought along to our Christmas craft day. This is one of the lovely bags that Caroline was making for her family. The photo really doesn't do them justice.

Margaret had knitted some Christmas decorations. These mitts were so cute that she made some for her two daughters too.

These lovely felt ornaments were made by Donna and her sister Julie. They were making a whole bunch to sell at a craft fair.

I need to apologise for this one. As cute as they are I can't remember who knitted them. I think it was either Isobel or Roberta.

This lovely Giraffe was Zuzanna's first attempt at decoupage. Taught to her by Freya.

Norma had finished this lovely bag but she forgot to bring it along and so sent me the photo.

Laura also sent me a photo of this lovely blanket done in crochet. She was unable to bring it along as it was going straight to a friend.

The following photo's were taken by Margaret. I usually group together people's finishes but it seemed easier this time to post them in the order taken. This beautiful cross stitch sampler was done by Helen. She then used her quilting skills to turn it into a wall hanging.

Remember Stephanie's famous doll? Helen won her. Looks like poor Isobel will have to work on an exchange with Stephanie after all.

Laura finished another crochet blanket. This time for a baby. Love the bright colours.

Helen finished another quilt. If I remember correctly she wasn't too pleased with it when she was working on it. It's turned out beautifully however and all the colours go well together.

She also finished stitching some Christmas bags. I love the stripey ones.

Margaret finished some Christmas jumpers to go with the mitt.s

Freya here is modelling a Santa hat knitted by her mum, Rhona. Looks amazing!

Aleksandra is a new member I haven't met yet. She was just learning to knit and managed this in a short space of time.

The following photo's are from the Christmas party. Seems it was a huge success. This time the secret santa followed almost like pass the parcel. The parcels were passed round everyone according to a story told by Elaine. When she said left or right they all had to move accordingly.

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