Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sheena's Baby Shower!

It was our first day back after the holidays last week and we started the year with a baby shower for Sheena (who has moved back to Glasgow and is hoping to join us again when she is settled). A great way to start the year.

This beautiful baby cardigan was knitted by Alison. Many of you who know Alison will know that knitting isn't her first choice of craft so this was very much appreciated.

Anthea kindly gave Sheena some sleep suits which always come in handy.

Linda gave a set of baby spoons and knitted this gorgeous hat and cardigan. Sheena said that she especially loved the colour.

This cute happy bug toy was a gift from Stephanie. I think Sheen could have spent all day playing with it.

Elaine knitted one of her famous hot water bottle covers and added the Winnie the Poo motif.

This beautiful cardigan and matching hat was knitted by Ally. The colours round the bands actually put me in mind of the Hungry Caterpiller.

This lovely granny square baby blanket was done by Roberta.

Sister Aileen (as photographed) gifted some wrist rattles and linkies.

The cardigan and bootie sets were beautifully knitted by Margaret.

I knitted this brick style baby blanket.

 Donna gave Sheena this lovely snow suit. Ideal considering the weather we have been having.

This wee guy deserves his own close up. He was knitted by Caroline whos work mates tried to pinch him. Can understand why.

Lauar sadly couldn't make it but she still crocheted this beautiful baby blanket. Love the chocolate colour.

June made on of her famous granny square blankets which are much loved by the book. Also included was The Hungry Caterpiller.

From Dawn Marie, Sheena was gifted this lovely towel and bodysuits.

Fiona and Andrea who are new to the group and really didn't have to, gave Sheena sleepsuits in different sizes.

Last but not least is an IOU from Helen, a promise of a scrapbook once the baby is born so that it can be personalised.

It was a fab night and I also have some finishes to post. Will hopefully manage that before Tuesday.

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