Monday, 14 January 2013

Some Finishes Too!

I promised you that there would be more than one post this week and for once I am living up to it. First of all I wanted to show you just how busy we were on Tuesday. Normally we have around 35 members with maybe 20-25 coming along on average (sometimes more sometimes less). Well, as you know I haven't been along and so there were some new people I had yet to meet. There were a few more new members on our first night back and we had our busiest night yet. Alison counted 36 members and 7 of our regulars had been unable to make it along that night. There may be a few more people along on this week too. Welcome everyone!

Swati contacted the group through our facebook page. She has been wanting to learn to knit and Stephanie gave her a hand on Tuesday. She is planning on knitting a doll. She had some very cute patterns with her.

Fiona is another new member but she started whilst I was away. She was learning to crochet and this was her first project. Pretty impressive. Don't worry, next time I may talk her into modelling her creations for us.

Our Janice also brought along a finish. She recently learned to quilt and this is her first project. Another impressive finish. Not sure my first attempt would look anywhere near as good.

Apologies for this photo. It in no way does justice to the garment being held up. It's a baby, hooded poncho which was knitted by Ally using variegated yarn. The colours in the yarn knitted up perfectly and it looked almost like little rosebuds had been knitted into the pattern. This is for Donna's baby, Abigail, so maybe we will get a much better photo of her wearing it.

I am a little bit in love with this bag. This was crocheted by Anthea for another new member, Carina. Anthea combined two different patterns to create it. The colours are just beautiful.

A few people have been asking about ravelry. It's like a social network but for knitters (and crocheters). You can set up an account and there are a hoard of free patterns for you to try with advice and images from other members who have knitted them. Just seeing different takes on patterns is worth joining. There are also patterns you can buy too. However, the main part of it I think is the social aspect. Communities are created and it's up to you if you want to join in or not. Our Donna is a huge fan of ravelry and she is now taking part in a granny square challenge. Each month a new pattern is posted and the members combine colours in their own way to create a unique square. This is one of Donna's examples. Can't wait to see her other squares.

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Swati Yadu Nandan said...

THANK YOU so much for this creating such a wonderful group...all ladies r creative and expert with needles...thanks karen!! wish to learn more n more :)