Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Whole Lot Of Stitching

Helen has once again been busy with the sewing machine. She is back on the quilting. The first piece is actually a Christmas card holder. Each of the little triangles dow the middle are actually pockets so that you can slot a card in. Brilliant way to display them. The second piece also looks Christmassy. Very intricate and beautifully stitched.

Laura has also been doing some stitching. She created the above cross stitch for a friend. We laughed when she was working on it as it was a birthday present for a friend who wanted it stitched for herself. Laura emailed the photo as she had alread passed it on. She has also been working on a new crochet style and while it's not finished I had to take a photo. These bobbles were created with just a crochet hook. It's going to be a scarf.

Stephanie has been knitting baby sets again. The first set all goes together and keeps the baby warm in layers. Not seen anything like that before. The second is a beautiful Christmas cardigan and pom pom hat. Clearly an elf outfit. I love the little triangles at the bottom of the cardigan. Stephanie said that the pattern called for stitches to be picked up to create the edging. As she hates picking up stitches she knitted the edging first.

Lastly Margaret has also been busy, mainly with baby items. Some friends daughters are expecting so Margaret knitted a beautiful white blanket edged in red. For another friend she knitted the cute little baby set. Of course she made time to knit herself this cosy hat in time for our snowy weather.

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