Saturday, 1 June 2013


Fran created this beautiful crocheted flower as a possible decoration to a bag.

This is June's second flower after her lesson at Gartmore.

This bonnie wee dress was created by our new member, Alice and is cotton yarn.

Margaret has been busy knitting baby sets for friends in work who are about to become grandparents for the first time.

Margaret has also been busy completing this red hot Dalek for herself. I think there is a family of Daleks residing in that household!

Stephanie modelled her latest creation for herself. This quick knit aran she adapted from a pattern. To make the jacket more individual she created the honeycomb design as part of the collar.

Isabel wanted to learn a new stitch in crochet and used the Shoe Box charity as an opportunity to master an unusual scarf pattern. Admittedly she found this challenging but rewarding.

Isabel was really taken with the Gartmore class that Laura taught - to crochet a bauble. She was determined to adapt her new found skill and has started a scarf for the Shoe Box appeal. Apparently, this stitch is addictive.

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scotstwinmum said...

Congrats Helen on your furst blog post.

All the finishes as always were fantastic the baby dress by Alice was so delicate, and Stephanie's cardi looked even better in person.

June i love the little flower and Margaret i'll bet the new baby is going to love their new clothes. And as for the Dalek didn't expect it to be in any other colour

Can't wait for Isabel to teach me that new crochet stitch to add to my growing repertoire.

Fran x