Friday, 31 May 2013

Gartmore/Fifth Anniversary: Part 4 (the final)!

After breakfast we had our last class of the weekend. This one was given by Laura. She had offered to teach beginners crochet. Basically, different stitches and she was willing to show people specific stitches they wanted to learn.

Helen, Isabel, Anne and Elaine all took part. Even though I wasn't taking part I even learned what a half treble was. Isabel found this class very relaxing. There were no tantrums and she even helped Helen out at one point.

These are Elaine and Helen's practise pieces. I think the favourite among everyone was the bobbles. I can't wait to see what everyone does with their new found skill.

As I mentioned in the last post there were also some finishes. Caroline brought along this craft bag and zipped purse set. Once again I love the fabric she used. The ribbon in the drawstring bag is in the style of measuring tape. I think everyone was tempted to pinch it.

Caroline was also asked to knit clothes for a little pig toy belonging to the daughter of a friend. Without a pattern she managed to knit him a hat, scarf, trousers and a cardigan. I think he was our mascot for the weekend.

We found out recently that June knows how to tat. Anne had wanted some reminders on how to do it so June brushed up on her skills and helped her out. She also brought this doily along which is an example of tatting. So delicate. She rescued this from her church as they were going to throw it out. We don't know who created it but seemed a shame that it was being discarded.

Linda was making her pencil cases for the shoebox charity. She did this last year and manages to make quite a few over the weekend. I loved the little train fabric.

You can see here just how busy she was. 15 in total.

Isabel was also busy. She finished her advent calendar. There was a stamped foot at one point but as you can see she was very proud when it was finished. Quite rightly too as it looks lovely! She did also finish her baby blanket, the one with the brick pattern. She was sick of it by the end and although she has the wool for another she refuses to do it. It didn't help that she discovered she had picked up white instead of cream at one point and hadn't notice. I did take a photo but seems a little cruel to post it here.

Lastly, June brought along this bag kit that she got on her travels with Helen and Stephanie. At first it didn't seem like it was going to fit together and June thought she was going to have to take it back. However, it all worked out in the end. Unfortunately I do think that her granddaughter might pinch the bag no matter how much June insists that it's for herself.

It was a fab weekend and we all came home sad that it was over. It went in far too quickly. I won't be able to organise it next year and it's unlikely that I will be able to go. However, I have had a few people volunteering to be the organisers so it will still go ahead.

Tomorrow I am teaching Helen how to use blogger so Tuesdays update will come from Helen. Will be a nice treat for you as you must be sick of my voice by now. Worth looking out for. I also have plans for the next member of the month so look out for that.

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