Monday, 20 May 2013

Gartmore/5th Anniversary: Part 1

It always feels like Gartmore arrives and finishes all too quickly. However, everyone had a fantastic time and I hope that it felt a little bit special since we were also celebrating five years. There was some cava on the Saturday night but I'm afraid I didn't think to take photo's of that. Fear not though as I did take photo's of just about everything else.

As soon as we arrived and had our tea we set up the room. Some of us immediately got ourselves comfy.

Whilst others went straight to work. Most of the morning was spent working on bags at the sewing machine. Isabel here worked on her advent calendar. Those of us not at the sewing machines did get other projects out and began working.

The morning was fairly relaxing followed by a lovely lunch. That's one thing we have always said about Gartmore. You won't starve.

Once lunch was over the other classes began. First up we had a scrapbook lesson from Lyn. She was showing us how to make these gorgeous mini scrapbooks.

Lots of folding was involved, all very complicated. You can see everyone here concentrating to get it right. Although some got it better than others and even managed to start decorating their little books.

This one was mine although I was one of the last to be finished.

This one belonged to Helen.

Margaret decided to decorate hers with flower fairies.

This one was completed by Alison

Alison had brought her friend along who is also a knitter and a cross stitcher. She decorated this one and used a cupcake motif to match the papers inside.

Linda decorated the front of hers with different coloured flowers.

Isabel plans to have little bows made from black ribbon to decorate the inside.

Elaine has decorated hers for her daughter as it's her birthday soon.

Isabel is looking a tad stressed here. This was Isabel's face for most of the weekend. If anything could go wrong for Isabel it would. She was so relaxed after a weeks holiday too.

More classes coming up so look out for that.

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