Sunday, 5 May 2013

Time For Something Different!

Meet Yorick. Yorick belongs to Fiona and he is the holder of the sunglasses. He even has a pair of Ray Ban's. Fiona decided it was time he had his own hat and made him this one using crochet. I sense we have another member here who loves purple.

Jean brought along something else she learned whilst attending beading workshops at Gartmore. She made this lovely broach. I love the colours. The broach design does have a name but I'm afraid I forgot to write it down. It's always nice to see other talents though.

Speaking of the multi-talented, Freya has been at it again. She has now turned her hand to sewing decorations. How pretty are these? Whilst we are on Freya I need to apologise for getting one of her favourite crafts wrong. I've been calling it decoupage but it's actually decopatch. Lyn corrected me last week. Sorry Freya!

For the last few weeks or so I have been working on this pink Dalek. This is for my sister who picked the colour. She has a lot of sympathy for Daleks and has called this one Colin.

Norma is just back from Inverness. Whilst there she visited a yarn shop and the lady there taught her how to cast on using the pom pom yarn. The end result is this lovely baby blanket which is for a friend of Norma's who is expecting. She even made the ribbon flower.

Margaret is still busily knitting for friends about to become grandparents. This cabled cardigan is the latest. Even has some cute cat buttons.

Lyn's event with the famous Stephanie Weightman went very well. As a thank you Stephanie made this gorgeous card for Lyn. I think this will have pride of place in Lyn's home.

I am sure you are all excited to learn that member of the month is starting up again. Our Stephanie will be the first victim and I will be interviewing her on Tuesday. So look out for that.

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