Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gartmore/ Fifth Annvirsary: Part 3

Whilst we had a fabulous weekend the weather was rotten. Only Margaret and myself ventured out for a walk on the Sunday after breakfast.

We did see a bunny although they kept themselves hidden for the most part. We think they knew June was coming to see them.

The bag lessons resumed as soon as people began appearing in the big room. Izzi was already first up and straight to work. All of the bags were actually finished on the Sunday. A huge thank you to Izzi for all the time and effort she put in over the last few months. You can also thank Elaine who suggested the design in the first place (or blame which every you prefer).

Isabel was very proud of her finished bag. I don't think she expected to have it finished.

Love the blue fabric of Helen's bag.

I also like the simple stripe pattern. Roberta's bag is quite effective.

I like Linda's spotty design.

Lyn is planning to decorate the front of hers later with some embroidery.

I love the stripe and spot combinations in Alison's bag.

Margaret used her own fabric which had to be quilted as it was a light cotton unlike the more canvas style fabrics that everyone else used.

I felt a close up was needed to show the detail of the fabric.

The last bag to be finished belonged to Elaine. It took time to work out a pattern for the fabric. I love the end result.

Only one more blog post to go. The last one will highlight Laura's crochet class as well as some finishes done by the group.

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