Friday, 17 May 2013


A few things to be impressed with this week. How beautiful does our Zuzanna look? It's her first communion on Sunday. Of course it wouldn't be Magdalena if she didn't make most of the items needed. The big one of course being Zuzanna's gorgeous dress. We love the detail, especially the little cap sleeves.

Zuzanna herself is trying her hand at a new craft. She is now making jewellery with beads. One of these bracelets was designed by Magdalena and made by Zuzanna. The other was designed by Zuzanna and made by Magdalena. Definitely a team effort. Zuzanna's friends have admired them so much that she has been taking orders. She even has a little order book all made up. Very impressive!

Many will have seen Anthea working on a crochet blanket for a friend. It's been killing her because she is so used to working in different colours. However, she has finished and the end result was well worth the frustration of only working with the one colour. She is even considering making another. Mean while she is back to working with her rainbows.

I haven't forgotten about Stephanie's member of the month interview. It's all done and I will be posting it soon. We are off to Gartmore tomorrow so it might not happen before the weekend is over.


Louise said...

The blanket is amazing!!

Karen said...

I know, she put a lot of work into it. Despite not being able to work in different colours I think she is quite proud of it.