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5th Anniversary Challenge!

Now that I have all the challenges photographed I can finally post this. Not everyone made it to the night so there are a few who haven't seen the challenge entries. The challenge was to create something using a method you learnt whilst at the group. If possible get five into your piece in some way.

First up are the originals. Last year we had only one original so it was nice to see quite a few this time. This first one was done by Margaret. This is what she said on her entrance form;

I learnt to crochet granny squares when we went to Garmore. So I decided to crochet a blanket and pillowcase for my challenge. I used 5 colours from the rainbow and for the blanket I used 5 colours 5 times. I only learnt to crochet the edging two weeks ago. To make it she used DK yarn in 5 colours and a crochet hook.

This was by Linda and she said;

Was shown how to do granny squares by another member of the group. I have adapted this for the challenge by making this 5 sided. Materials used were double knitting yarn and crochet.

This was by Alison and is called Bed Runner. Alison said;

Japanese folded quilting - the 5th new thing I learnt since starting at the group (other 4 were - quilting, drawstring bags, sugar flowers, Sashiko work). Bed runner - for my bed, colours fit in for my summer quilt to break up the expanse of white & it goes with my curtains. Japanese folded quilting - wadding, 2 materials, cornflakes box - for pattern, compass, scissors, embroidery threads.

This was by Janice and she said;

Learnt patchwork since coming here with help of others. Used patchwork - poly cotton.

The final original entry was by Elaine. I'm afraid that I lost the form that Elaine filled in. I can tell you though that Elaine learnt to crochet a few years ago when being taught Granny squares by Donna. At the second Garmore at home day she then was taught more delicate crochet by another member of the group. This shrug Elaine designed herself. She taught herself the small circles and worked out how to bring them together into the shrug.

The second category was adapted which means they all came from a pattern. The first was this entry from myself called Socks A Plenty. I wrote;

I learnt to knit socks whilst at the group. I did five pairs using five different methods/techniques I had never done before. Baby socks - done 2 at a time on one cable needle, 1 pair of colour work, 1 pair of beaded, 1 pair of crochet, 1 pair done on straight needles rather than the round. Materials used were 3 sock books, 1 internet pattern, various 4 ply yarn, crochet hook, straight needles, DPNs, cable needle, seed beads and darning needle.

This entry was from Donna and is called My Collection of 5. She wrote;

Since starting the group I have learnt a variety of different sewing techniques. I have learnt how to read and follow a pattern, the importance of seam allowances and strengthening of stitches and how to quilt. I have with me my first 5 projects of varying degrees of difficulty: bag, advent calendar, Thomas quilt, Rag Doll, dress. I used mainly my machine for the stitching. The fabric is mainly cotton. I used patterns for the bag, rag doll and dress. All projects include seam allowances which I had to stick rigidly to. Wadding was used for the quilt and the calendar.

This entry was by Stephanie and she said;

My new craft, I started sewing just before Christmas. I have three good teachers, Izzi, Val and Helen who are members of this club. Finding it hard work but learnt a lot.

This entry came from Fiona and she said;

My entry fits the birthday theme perfectly as it is a cake to celebrate the special occasion. Materials used were wool, ribbon, seed beads, invisible thread, sparkle dust. Crafts used were knitting and sewing. First time reading and carrying out pattern.

This entry is from Roberta and she said;

Never had quilted before and this is No's 3, 4 & 5 advent calendars down. Fabric, sewing machine + patience + joy when finished.

This entry is from Isabel and she said;

My piece is; childlike in it's simplicity, sincere in it's gratitude, 5 skills learnt and Many moments appreciated. A Celebration and a Big Thank You.

Each piece is self explanatory and are only 5 of the many craft styles and techniques learnt from individuals in the group. The absolute delight that after years of knitting I can do a neat seam is to me wondrous and has taken away so much frustration. The fear of fabric sewing has almost gone. A sock astonishing! Crocheting beautiful and delicate. And embossing (stumbled across one evening when one member was showing another) magical.

I can remember the name of everyone who imparted these skills, but all of the group have shared skills, knowledge and encouragement but most importantly their time, support and good company.

This entry was from Helen and is titled 5 Gold Things. She said;

5 new projects that I was surprised to learn! Never in my wildest dreams did I consider these crafts. Materials used were quilting fabrics, ribbons, wadding, variegated threads, embroidery threads. Methods were applique, ribbon, weaving, hand stitching, sashing, free motion quilting (writing).

This final entry came from Caroline. She said;

I learnt to crochet when we went to Gartmore last May. My blanket contains; 5 different types of slower, 5 motifs (heart, butterfly, inter-locking rings, clover, floating circle), 5 granny square variations (traditional, round, lacy, spiral, half [triangle]). Materials used were Double knitting wool, 4. 25mm crochet hook. All crocheted. Design is all my own. I used and adapted patterns for the individual squares.

Angie from Hobbycraft kindly volunteered to judge for us. She doesn't know the group but is aware of the work put in due to her job which made her perfect for judging. You can see her here with our winners. So a big thank you to Angie.

For the original entry Alison won for her beautiful bed runner.

For adapted Caroline won for her intricate crochet blanket.

Stephanie here was our runner up.

I think everyone had fun taking part and although I had considered making this the last one we will be doing another challenge this year. I have already sent out details of the theme so I can announce it here too. Carolin came up with the fantastic idea of utilising the fact that Glasgow are hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. So our theme is going to be Glasgow. People can opt out and choose the Commonwealth games as their theme too. However, I thought more people would prefer Glasgow in general. Hopefully some of our newer members will feel more comfortable joining in by then and I can't wait to see what people come up with.

Next post up will be about our Gartmore at home day and our trip to Frankie & Bennies.

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