Monday, 13 May 2013

Lots of Crochet Goodness!

It seems our group has grown to embrace crochet a little bit more than knitting of recent. I can't complain about it as I am one of the converts. Norma learned to crochet not so long ago. Her first project was the pram blanket it which shown last month. This blanket is her latest and has mostly been worked on whilst she was on holiday.

Whilst on holiday she also knitted up one of these loopy scarfs. Love the vibrant colours.

This cute granny square was done by Linda. You can see it has some fleece lined on the back. This is because it's a dolls blanket for the shoebox charity.

If you remember back to our Gartmore at Home day I showed a picture of Fran, Dawn and Donna trying to work out a pattern based solely on some crochet. This was the piece and Fran managed to finish it. I doubt I could do that. I had said the piece was initially begun by her gran who did all those fabulous delicate crochet pieces. In fact it was begun by her mum.

This lovely flower broach was also done by Fran. The base is actually a hair bobble which her mum began and intended as something else. Fran put it to good use and expanded on it.

Fran also made this lovely crochet hook case. The crochet flower was another project began by her mum.

Caroline has also been back at the crochet. This time she has been making flower broaches. The black one has already been in use. As per usual my camera hates purple. I can assure you that the second one is not blue. However, glad the sparkles showed up as it sets the flowers off.

Magdalena brought along her friend, Magda. On the night Magdalena began teaching her to crochet. This is just one nights work. Look how neat her trebles are!

We also had our first submissions for the scarf charity. These scarves were both knitted up by Margaret. The  pink scarf is short and intended for a little girl. The blue didn't really need a pattern as the yarn did that itself. Which is why we all love fair isle yarn.

It has been an ongoing joke about Jean finishing projects. She wanted to do the baby blanket everyone has been knitting and so used that to prove that she can get things finished. These two samples she did in just a week.

She also adapted the baby blanket again. She missed out the rows between each of the bricks which made quite a good effect. I can't wait to try it myself. These are both going to become cushions.

As you might have noticed there has been no member of the month interview. Poor Stephanie forgot to bring her items along to be photographed. So we are doing it this week instead.

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