Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gartmore/ Fifth Anniversary: Part 2

Half way through the afternoon we enjoyed a second tea break and cake. We normally take it through to the room we are working in but this time we all sat out in the foyer. It's a lovely, bright area with beautiful detail on the ceiling and glass panels on the doors.

After tea the second class began. This time it was run by myself and I was teaching everyone to crochet flowers. You can see all the stages above and an example of colour changes.

Lyn and Elaine get started whilst Elaine's friend watches on.

Margaret and June also get started.

The hardest bit is after you have done the first set of petals but everyone managed it. Here is Elaine's finished flower.

This one was finished by Lyn.

This one by Margaret.

This one by June.

I also did an example of adding an extra layer to it. You can see the difference the yarn makes too. I had used baby wool whereas the others used normal DK. Mine looks larger but the others are sturdier, making them perfect for broaches.

Other projects were also on the go between the classes. Margaret here is working on a cross stitch fairy.

Helen is working on a scarf for the shoe box charity.

Elaine is working on some mini cross stitch characters for her daughter.

Linda is working on pencil cases for the shoebox charity.

June is working on some cross stitch too. However, earlier she was also working on a felt bag kit.

Roberta had been working on a jumper for a charity at the church but ran out of wool. Here she is working on a hat also for charity.

Alison is working on her chunky cross stitch cushion. She managed to get quite a bit of it done and I think it won't be long until we see it finished.

For the rest of the night it was quite relaxing. We had a lovely dinner and then shared some sparkly wine. There was a lot of chat, laughter and of course work on projects.

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