Thursday, 27 June 2013

Great Ideas!

As usual Norma has been very busy crafting. This week she had crocheted this delightful doll's pram set.

This is a scarf I made using some odds and ends from my stash for the Shoe Box Charity.

Margaret donated another scarf to our charity. This is in Crofter yarn.

This beautiful set of jewellery was created by Yvonne. She fell in love with these colours and put the whole thing together in an hour and thirty minutes. Yvonne is convinced that anyone could create jewellery to co-ordinate with any outfit.

Isabel has been working away like a beaver making scarves for the Shoe Box charity. I'm not sure how many lucky tickets she has collected so far but I am reliably informed that she is determined to win the prize for the most scarves donated to the charity. Remember, that everyone who donates a scarf will receive a lucky ticket for the prize draw.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Magda who got married recently. She has been with us only a short time and after a brief lesson from Magda Sobula she knitted these mini capes for her two bridesmaids and the matching headbands.

Magda Sobula has an eye for the unusual. Can you believe that Magda was knitting a waterproof hat by recycling plastic shopping bags? This eco-warrior gave a brief explanation of the process and intrigued many of us. I hope that we can persuade Magda to give a full demonstration on the cutting process in  the near future.

Start collecting your plastic shopping bags of your choice. Most of mine are green. Where do you shop?

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Megann said...

I really want to explain that the first one to start a hat from a plastic bag was Anthea, she showed this technique to me a week earlier. Helen, could you please save some of your green bags for me? What I have is all white with blue...