Monday, 1 July 2013

More Great Ideas!

I have to apologise for the lateness of this post. This was supposed to be from the Tuesday before the lovely Helen's post. On the sunny side you get two posts in one week. Truth is I have been trying to get a video of a demo to work without much luck. So it has been stalled. As soon as I can fix it you will see our latest star of youtube.

Janice has quiet of late as she has been working away. She had quite a lot of things to show us. This beautiful quilt was actually made from fabric she picked up on our swap night. I wonder if the person who put it in for swapping would like it back now.

She also used some scrap fabric to make this lovely quilted laptop cover. I love it. Love all the puples. As well as quilting and knitting it would seem that Janice is also a cross stitcher. Good words to live by on that sampler.

Roberta has finished these two lovely baby blankets for her charity shop. A customer requested them and gave Roberta the yarn. These were stitched up in next to no time.

I also had a finish. I knitted another pair of mosaic socks. This time for my sister (hence the small feet). I had of green left over from the last pair and she requested that pink was also used. Actually quite like those colours together.

Helen has been enamoured with the mosaic pattern and requested a lesson. Here she is starting them (although she has almost finished the first sock now). This is the first pair of socks Helen has knitted with any sort of pattern. It even has Isabel thinking about having a go.

 We also had two more scarves for the scarf charity. The first one was knitted up in a lovely purple by Janice (told you she had been busy). The second was crocheted by myself. I wanted to try the bobble crochet everyone was doing and this seemed like a perfect way of having a go.

We also had a demo of shrink fabric from Helen. It is this demo we have on video so you can see the full effect. As soon as I have it working I will post it here. You can't really see the fabric shrinking just from a photograph. I can tell you though that it was a great demo.

Caroline also had us intrigued with all these bits and pieces. It would seem she was working on something for the shoebox charity. She had quite a production line going.

This lovely needlecase holder was the result. She is making quite a few of them for Linda. I love the little motifs on the front.

Elaine also brought some samples along. Her sister has her own nail art business. She is willing to give a demo for anyone interested. My personal favourite is the Cath Kidston. I will email everyone the details of that soon.

There will be another two posts in the next week as I will be giving July's member of the month interview. So look out for that.

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