Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer Craft Days at Hobbycraft.

First of all, Lyn would like to draw your attention to a major event happening at Hobbycraft this weekend. As you know we have a terrific relationship with the staff of this shop, so please encourage your friends and enemies to support this event. The weather forecast looks promising and you could have a Pimms in your garden to cool down after attending this fundraiser.

Stephanie has amazed us again with her finishes. Her choice of fabric for this sewing machine cover was inspired and the embellishments just gave it that wow factor. Not bad for someone who just took up sewing a year ago! The baby set were worked in chunky yarn bought in Niffty Needles in Linlithgow.


This is my wee bag created using the shrink fabric that I demonstrated at the group a few weeks ago. I am delighted with the finished article. As you know I'm just nuts about blue!

The Scarves for the Shoe Box charity are mounting up but we could still do with some more. We have managed to donate just over 50 scarves so far, which is a magnificent achievement, but it would be appreciated if we could do some more. Linda has suggested that scarves in colours suitable for men would be appropriate. 

 This is another of Stephanie's scarves. How does she find the time! This one was just using up the remnants from other projects. Nothing goes to waste!

Isabel is still working towards completing the most scarves. She is determined to win and has collected 13 lucky tickets.  Do not be put off by this because she is not usually so competitive. The college scarf is a great way to use up odds and ends and the design is very distinctive. Isabel says that crocheting is much more energy efficient than knitting and is easier on her old arthritic hands. (I can say this because she seldom looks on Facebook!)

Margaret handed in another three lovely scarves to our charity. She is level with Isabel but I'm not taking any bets on the outcome of who will produce the most scarves. Margaret has varied the pattern for each scarf just to keep things interesting for herself.

These cute little baby shoes were crocheted by Elaine. How could anyone not fall in love with these! Altogether now.........Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Josephine has been working with chunky yarn recently and has completed these garments for her niece and nephew. The jackets are bonny and you should have felt the weight in them. They will be ideal for the winter!


Norma and Susan survived T in the Park and judging from the photos posted on FB they had a great time.

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