Monday, 5 August 2013

The Return of the Knitting Bag!

If you remember just about everyone was taking part in Izzi's sewing lesson and making themselves a lovely new knitting bag. I myself was lucky enough to receive one. Well, the very last one is now finished. This gorgeous owl bag now belongs to Fiona. She did so some of the work herself and Izzi kindly finished it off for her. The end result is stunning. If I didn't have my camper van version (which is still my most prized bag) I would be away with this one.

Fiona was also lucky enough to receive this matching purse also made by Izzi. Not only does it look amazing but it is handy for all those knitting bits and bobs that you don't want floating around your bag.

Caroline has also been back at the sewing machine. She picked this lovely vintage fabric up on the Saturday and by the Tuesday the bag was finished. Caroline is very modest about her skills however, we all very much admired it.

June has been busy knitting hats for charity. These hats are for Seafarers. A charity that collect hats for, well, seafarers. There is a set pattern which June has kindly loaned me and they are always looking for donations. I am thinking this might be next years charity. What do you think?

 Norma, between getting her craft house ready, has also been working on hats. Norma still sees herself as a beginner when it comes to crochet. However, she managed to crochet this lovely hat just from watching a youtube video. If any of you haven't tried it, youtube is a fab way of trying out something you are stuck with. I always recommend it to people learning as watching someone is easier than reading the instructions.

Jean has also been busy. She is expecting a grandson in the autumn and is very excited about it (as you would be). She knitted these gorgeous pom pom blankets and little booties. I love the addition of the ribbon flower. Just sets off that blanket nicely.

As you will all know from Lisa's interview she makes the most amazing crochet hooks. Having seen her work Ally decided to commission her to make one as a gift for Caroline. This gorgeous Giraffe was the end result. The detail in him is amazing!Caroline was delighted with her gift and couldn't wait to start with the crochet.

Lisa has also been working on some crochet squares. She remembered seeing a granny square with a heart in the centre on the Internet. Having hunted everywhere should couldn't find it again. So she sat down with some graph paper and worked it out herself. It involves threading in a lot of ends but the end result is well worth it. Can't wait to see what she makes with these.

Meanwhile she was also hard at work giving a crochet lesson. Here she is teaching her friend how to use the magic circle technique so that she can crochet a teddy bear.

Isabel is also learning a new skill. She is following in the foot steps of Helen and trying out the mosaic sock pattern with my help. Isabel is no stranger to colour work in knitting as she once loved to knit fair isle and Icelandic jumpers. The challenge for her is the sock itself as she previously had only knitted baby socks.

I took this photo of Jean and Stephanie a few weeks ago. This was just to prove to everyone that Jean does pick up the needles on Tuesday nights. Here she is showing Stephanie her adapted brick pattern.

I missed out one week as all the finishes were scarves for our charity. Of course more was handed in the following week. These four were knitted by Margaret.

Isabel is keeping her competitive edge and also handed in four scarves.

This one was knitted by Janice.

Last but not least, these scarves were knitted by Rhona.

I have sent out an email to our potential August member of the month. So that's the next thing to look out for.

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