Monday, 19 August 2013

Hooks and Needles at the Ready!

In case some of you haven't heard, Norma now has her own crafting studio which has been built for her. We have all been jealous of the photo's she has been posting. It is working too as she has managed to crochet these baby hats in a short period of time. So pretty and cute. The grey one is for Fiona who wanted one for her niece. The rest will be part of a collection Norma plans to sell at a craft fair. Someone has managed to talk her into having a stall at some point in the near future so her crochet hook has been busy. As soon as I find out the details I will pass them on.

A while back Val had come along to one of our craft days and taught us to do Sashiko quilting. We were all intrigued by it and a few of us planned to do more. However, Helen has been the only one who has managed it. She stitched this gorgeous bag and book cover. I love the book cover. My favourite has to be the bag. The white thread on black fabric is very striking. Helen got the designs from a book and they are beautifully done. Would love to have another go myself.

We have another dark horse in our midst. It would seem that Kathleen is another beader. She goes along to beading nights along with Jean. They recently went to a new one and Kathleen decided to bring along a couple of projects that had been lying around unfinished. These beautiful bracelets are the end result.

Fran has also been busy with her crochet hook. The blanket she had been working on in purple and green and her son is now the proud owner. It has already been much loved by Kyle and who can blame him. The vibrant green and purple are striking together. She also crocheted this lovely yoga bag. I had always seen these in mags but this is the first one I've seen done in person. It looks fab!

Fiona's sewing lessons have continued. This lovely dress is her latest project. She isn't 100% happy with it but I think it looks fantastic. The sequence round the band really sets it off. The straps are a little different in that they tie at the top. If it was me I would be proud of it.

Aileen has also got the sewing bug. Donna had recently sent round an email letting people know about a sewing maching offer she had seen. Aileen got herself a lovely little Singer sewing machine as a result. She brought it along to get some advice on setting it up to which Helen was more than happy to help. I can't wait to see what projects she whips up.

On Tuesday I did the August member of the month which I will post soon. Lyn was the latest victim. She brought in a few finishes to photograph for it. Along with that she also brought in some scarves for the charity. Isabel had also brought one along just to ensure she is in the lead.

Amilee was with us again on Tuesday. She kept herself thoroughly entertained by popping bubbles in some bubble wrap. I have to say I was a little jealous.

Speaking of Amilee, I'm not sure if I had posted this here. June had sent this photo to me a while ago. It shows Amilee not only enjoying her ice cream but wearing a jumper that June had knitted for her. Amilee had requested it and when it was finished she refused to wear it. Now she refuses to take it off. The fickle minds of toddlers.

We also had Tracy along again on Tuesday there. A few people once again had their nails done. Sadly I didn't get any photo's of them finished. I do know that Dawn had the Cath Kidston nail art. Tracy will be back along on the 27th.

Elaine is still waiting on people getting back to her in regards to their deposits for Gartmore. Please ensure you have it in over the next two weeks to ensure your place.

Remember to look out for Lyn's interview!

Oops, forgot to mention that there is a new edition under members blogs. Magdalena gave me the link to her personal blog. Lots of yummy images of her projects!

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