Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pretty Colours!

Over the last few months Magdalena has been patiently crocheting little squares. All in between other projects. This beautiful blanket is the end result of all that hard work. The colours in it are amazing and it has already been well loved. Magdalena assures me that this one is for herself for a change. I wonder how many people will be making themselves blankets after seeing this?

 These gorgeous jumpers were another labour of love by Magdalena. These are for her two older boys. Again the colours are amazing and they go very well with stripes. I love the fact that they match. If you look closely you will see that the share two colours.

I apologise now! Our resident Christmas fan is at it already. Margaret has started her Christmas cards. This lovely penguin was a freebie in a kit. I have no doubt that there will be more Christmas projects from Margaret to come as she is working on another festive cross stitch.

Caroline has been hard at work at the sewing machine again. She really has an eye for the fabric. This will be her holiday bag which is very apt. She has even  added little buttons the bottom of the handles and to some of the flip flops. It really sets the whole bag off. I have my doubts if she will do it again though going by her description of sewing the buttons on then trying to iron it. Looks fab though.

A while back I had also shown you Caroline working on a production line for Linda's shoebox charity. These gorgeous needle cases are the end results. I love the little motifs on the front.

Speaking of charity. Margaret had another four scarves to hand in. She says though that this will be her last four so Isabel's coveted prize is safe.

Stephanie also handed in a scarf for the charity and even included the rest of the box. This also came with matching hat and mitts. Every year Stephanie fills up a box for the charity and this one if for a baby girl. She has another at home almost ready.

Last but not least we also have Roberta's gorgeous baby hat and mitts. These are also for Linda's charity.

We have a busy few weeks ahead. The lovely Tracy will be back to do our nails. This time I will try to get some photo's. The following week Magdalena is going to show us how to set up a plastic bag so that it can be crocheted. For that everyone will need to bring plastic bags and scissors. The following week again we have our show and tell. That's also not mentioning the September member of the month. I have someone in mind for that but still to ask. So look out for the next few weeks.

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