Monday, 12 August 2013

Minion Madness!

Minions have become a quick favourite of the group. Janice in particular is smitten. Or rather her grown up children are. She promised her son one and now they all want one. She personalised them by adding initials to their overalls. She even made a few girl minions.

This gorgeous pom pom baby blanket was knitted by Jean. She also made these cute little booties. The booties are meant for hanging on the hoods of prams. She has made them to sell at a coffee morning charity event. With projects like these it will definitely be a success.

The group always love to see new things even if it hasn't been made by someone they know. A friend of Elaine brought these bags back from a holiday. Knowing we would get a kick out of them she pinched them off him for the evening. Although an avid fan of owls I would find it difficult choosing between the two.

We also had another scarf for our scarf charity. This was donated by Isabel. She is fast becoming our biggest contributor.

I know it seems early but Elaine is organising Gartmore 2014. She is struggling for people to come forward with their deposits. If you intend to to go please hand in your deposit over the next week or two.

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