Friday, 30 August 2013

Pretty Nails!

I am afraid that I have little knowledge of anything that went on on Tuesday. I was there but all my attention was focused on nail art by Elaine's sister Tracy. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Tracy has her own nail art company and she kindly comes along every so often and does our nails for a good price. This time it was Isabel's turn. She wanted her nails done to impress her 10 year old granddaughter. She was flying out the next day to visit her and was determined to be a hip gran. She had lovely natural nails done apart from one pinky. This little guy is her new friend and she has named in Ruben.

Then I got my nails done. By the time they were done it was time to go so you can understand why I didn't see much of what else went on. I did get to talk to Tracy about what she does though. I also got to watch her at work. It's fascinating to watch. A steady hand is very much needed and I was extremely impressed. Far from being original mind you I got the same work Dawn had done a few weeks before. Tracy started out her nail art in her teens when she practised on herself. She was always doing her nails and still does them on a daily basis. Her friends soon asked her to do their nails to and eventually she built up a little side business for herself. This isn't her day job but it's a fun one. She even has an idea for gifts for people who can't have fancy nails because of work. Hopefully I will be able to show some of that off for her. In the meantime go and check out her facebook page. Nails by Cutiecles.

I did get to chat with Isabel whilst she was having her nails done. She had this tattoo as part of her attempt to impress Abby. We will have to wait a few weeks to see if it works. Lets see if Abby believes that it's real or not. I say not, what do you think? Her husband does think that we should all have this done and keep it as our 'tag'. Someone watches way too much TV or has us confused with another group who carry sharp objects.

It wasn't all just decoration. There were some finishes too. Lyn finished her crochet blanket. She has been working on these squares on and off for a while now. The colours all go wonderfully together and I love the fact that the squares are a mix of crochet styles.

Whilst I was having my nails done I also taught Isabel to do the kitchener stitch. This meant that she finished her socks that night. I have to say I was impressed with them. These are the first pair of socks, other than baby socks, that Isabel has ever knitted. Not only did she learn the basics of sock knitting she decided to start with a complex pattern. Really doesn't like to make life easy for herself.

Helen had also finished her mosaic socks. I love the colours. Helen may have knitted socks before but this was her first pair with a pattern. After years of refusing to try other patterns she decides to go for the most complex. Worth it though as the look so pretty. Like Isabel she has started on her second pair.

That wasn't the only finishes Helen had. She finished a gorgeous table matt which was done in Sashiko. She has really taken to the Japanese form of quilting and embroidery. It's impressive. She also finished this cute girls cardi. This is for the Hospice.

Next week we have another demo. This time Magdalena is going to show us how to cut bags to prepare them for crochet. So if you want to join in bring along some scissors and some carrier bags.

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