Sunday, 8 September 2013

Demo Time - Plastic Bags.

Before she went on holiday, Magdalena had been doing some crochet with plastic carrier bags. It had us all curious. Five minutes before home time she tried to explain to us how to cut up the bag in preparation. Not easy in just five minutes. So now that she is home she kindly gave us a wee demo.

We all brought bags and scissors so that we could join in. It involved the cutting away of the bottom and handles and then folding.

It was then cut much like you would cut to make a Chinese lantern. Magdalena then demonstrated how to ensure that you end up with one long strand of carrier bag.

It really does work. You can see Magdalena here rolling up her now carrier bag yarn.

Everyone managed it successfully too.

You can see here our hard work paid off. I will say though that if you want the full carrier bag to ensure that it isn't torn somewhere before hand. Otherwise you end up with a smaller ball (voice of experience here).

Elaine started working with it straight away. It has quite a nice effect. You could also collect other bags to give it a striping effect.

We had some finishes too. Our youngest member had her very first finish. You can see Amilee here proudly showing off a lollipop she made with her craft kit.

Janice has been growing some tomatoes and brought some of them along for Helen. Margaret has also been growing tomatoes but they don't last long enough to be brought in.

Janice also finished this lovely baby jacket. Everyone has liked it so much that there are a few people planning on knitting one up.

One of our newer members, Audrey, had been wanting to knit socks. She is primarily a cross stitcher but she does knit too. As I was already teaching sock knitting a few others and a different pattern I was only able to talk her through a few bits with Dawn helping her with the rest. Not that she needed it. From me all she needed was some advice about the heel and a week later there was a pair of finished socks. They look fantastic. Looking at the toe you wouldn't know this was a beginner. Very impressive!

Carolin is going on her Caribbean cruise soon and has just finished a smaller bag to go with her beach bag. She used the same flip flop fabric and adorned it with buttons. Unfortunately her sewing machine went to sewing machine heaven in the process but it didn't stop her from getting it finished.

Jean also had a finish. She made this lovely card for me. Knowing my love of camper vans it was perfect. Thank you Jean!

Roberta has been busy knitting up baby hats. Well, the first three were done in crochet and look lovely. I especially like the flower. The rest are little preemie baby hats.

I also had a couple of finishes. I stitched this little owl hanging. It came free with a magazine and was supposed to be a keyring. However, I decided that I wanted it as a little hanging instead and I chose not to stuff it. I also finished my last pair of mosaic socks. These ones are for my dad.

Next week we have another busy one. We are having a show and tell. Just a fun way for everyone to bring along finishes they are proud of and let us all have a nosey. There will be no judging as it's just for fun but there will be a raffle with some prizes.

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