Saturday, 21 September 2013

Celebrating Finishes!

First of all an apology to Margaret. She knitted these beautiful baby cardigans. A few weeks ago she gave them to Helen so that they would go to the Hospice charity shop in Baillieston (who were delighted with them). However, I forgot to post the photo on the blog. This time it was my fault and the photo hadn't done a disappearing trick.

We are also celebrating finished projects again. Helen came up with a fantastic idea. Every time someone has a finish they are handed a raffle ticket. At the end of the month a ticket is drawn and they can pick out something from a lucky dip. So Tuesday night everyone was handed out raffle tickets. The prizes aren't big but some of them might be pretty and some might be useful. It's just nice to show appreciation for everyones talent now and then.

Margaret had a couple of finishes again on Tuesday. She is clearly preparing for winter. The cross stitch was actually a kit that Roberta was giving away. Margaret likes Santa's and immediately pounced on it. It looks good in the boxed frame. She also knitted these gorgeous mitts for her youngest. The yarn is chunky and super soft. She then spent Tuesday working on another Christmas cross stitch. This time a snowman.

Stephanie had a few finishes herself. She knitted up these beautiful baby items. All of which are off to the Hospice charity shop in Baillieston. The shop has actually asked to pass on their thanks for everyones generosity. They have loved all the baby clothes and the customers having been ooing over them too. Stephanie (along with June) was knitting scarves in an unusual yarn. Hopefully it won't be long before I can get a photo to show it off.

A friend of Helen's is expecting. She doesn't know the sex of the baby yet. So Helen is being prepared and is planning on knitting for both. This lovely baby boy cardigan is the first of many. Helen spent the evening working on some socks which will be a Christmas gift for another friend.

Fran finished this gorgeous baby blanket. Done in crochet and set off with a ribbon edging. It's more stunning in person and the yarn is lovely and soft. Helen decided that since Tuesday was the first night of giving out raffles it should also be the first night of selecting something from the lucky dip. Fran had the winning ticket and won herself a cross stitch pin cushion.

I had a couple of finishes too. I stitched this frog prince which was a kit that came with a book. I glued it into a hoop and attached some ribbon so that it could be hung from a hook. The socks I finished the week before. It's from the large spools of yarn from Roberta. These socks are for my sisters Christmas. I spent Tuesday interviewing Anthea and knitting up socks using yarn hand dyed by the lovely Lisa.

Look out for Anthea's member of the month interview in the next few days. I have added a new question. Magdalena suggested that we start listing what people are working on. This is something that was done back in the early days. However, with over 30 members I could be there all do. What I will do though is take some 'works in progress' photo's during evenings where there are few finishes. Not all, but a few.

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