Sunday, 15 September 2013

Show and Tell

Last Tuesday we had our show and tell which was a lot of fun. It was just an opportunity for people to bring in some finishes that they are proud of. At the end we had a we raffle just to celebrate. No judging involved. Just a fun way to see what everyone likes to do.

I have a confession to make and I feel so rotten about this. I got home to discover that there were a few photo's missing. I think it must be my camera at fault because there are two photo's missing that I specifically remember taking. They are of new members too. The lesson to learn here is to look through my photo's as I go. I feel bad because one of those new members was so reluctant to have her finish on display (it was beautifully knitted too). I apologise and please don't let that put you off joining in anything else.

These photo's are just in order of my notes so that I don't get mixed up.

Margaret was first with this cross stitch of a swan. This is her pride and joy as it's her first large cross stitch and she loves swans.

This was stitched by myself. I did this about 10 years ago. It was my first large cross stitch with beading and my first time stitching on anything but aida.

Janice is proud of this finished quilt as it was so awkward to do. Due to the geometric pattern everything had to be done right for it to work.

Helen is proud of these recently finished Sashiko pieces. She took her time thinking them out. She liked the style because it's not meant be done fancy. Unlike embroidery there is no fuss.

Stephanie brought some her knits out from her box. A lot of hard work went into these and a lot of new patterns and different yarns were used.

Noreen knitted these beautiful little bootees to hang on the pram. She knits these and sells them for charity.

New member Maureen made these gorgeous hats. This was her first attempt at doing crochet. She even adapted the pattern so that it became a sun hat.

Esther knitted this beautiful baby jacket. She actually didn't want it displayed. Noreen had to sneak it in.

New member Lesley knitted this beautiful cardigan. She altered it so that it used a raggling and she gave it a crochet border (which really sets it off).

Linda made this for her daughters first Halloween (she's now 16). She didn't have a pattern and the spots are all hand stitched because she had no spotty fabric.

Elaine brought along Rosie and Jim. These were her first knitted dolls which she had made for her daughter. She had to rescue them a few years ago when her daughter almost threw them out.

Donna crocheted this gorgeous shawl. She loves granny squares and was looking for a pattern which was a variation of the granny square. She also treated herself to some fancy yarn to make it.

New member Agnes had brought along these beautiful bracelets. Agnes is a beader rather than a knitter and almost didn't come to the group for that reason. Luckily her friends talked her into it knowing she could do her beading too. She enjoys challenges and different types of beaded jewellery including pieces for weddings.

One of the missing photo's was of a baby cardigan by new member Pamela. It was beautifully knitted up on variegated yarn. She enjoyed knitting it because it's all boys in her family and it was a nice change knitting for a girl. The pattern also involved no sewing which she loved.

Audrey had also brought along a lovely owl teddy/cushion which she had knitted up. It was her first time knitting an owl and has since knitted a few more (I tried to take him home but she wouldn't let me).

Everyone who took part got a raffle ticket and there were a few wee prizes. Dawn was my lovely assistant and pulled out the tickets. One of those prizes I had made special. The lovely Lisa designed this gorgeous crochet hook especially for the group. It even has knitting needles and a crochet hook out the top of the ball of yarn. Maureen was the lucky winner which was apt since she had crocheted the sun hat.

Again my apologies for the missing photos. I promise to do better in future. Meanwhile we have September's member of the month interview on Tuesday. The lovely Anthea has volunteered for that so look out for it.

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Julie Izzard said...

I still adore Rosie And Jim. It was lovely see the knitted one's here!