Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lisa - July Member of the Month

1. Tell us three things about yourself that we might not know.

I'm a graphic designer, I have my own craft company and I have OCD in that if I am not busy I am not happy.

2. Who taught you your first craft?

My dad taught me. It was those boards with nails in them and you create picture with string. Can't remember what they are called.

3. What finished project are you most proud of?

I made a mermaid fimo crochet hook. I didn't want to part with it.

4. What has been your biggest crafting disaster?

The first time I dyed yarn I almost burned down the kitchen. I got the ratio of yarn wrong and it all bubbled over. Meanwhile I was upstairs bathing the kids.

5. What other crafts do you do?

I paint, cross stitch, illustrate, face painting, I don't think there is anything I haven't had a bash at.

6. Favourites
Favourite yarn - my own hand-dyed marino
Favourite designs - I really like old fashioned traditional designs.
Favourite colours - brights
Favourite shop - hobbycraft
Favourite online shop - wool warehouse
Favourite craft book - a conmpendium of crochet stitches.

7. What would you like to achieve in the future?

I would love for the charity I work with to recreate the hook up logo with blankets. We don't have enough of them at the moment and we hope to fill a stadium with them.

8. What do you like to listen to or watch whilst crafting?

Audio books, any kind normally but I love crime.

9. What would your advice be to beginners?

Never give up. Youtube is your friend.

10. What craft would you like to do in the future?

I would like to be better at knitting.

Our Lisa has kept very quiet about her crafting business which does very well. She doesn't like to promote herself because the group is for fun. So I'm going to do it for her. All those hooks and the yarn were all done by Lisa and she sells them through the name For the Love of Yarn. You can find her here on facebook. She also has instagram with lots of yummy images, again just search for her craft company name. If you are interested in any hooks (she will do her best to do custom made designs) or yer gorgeous hand-dyed yarn just send her a message on her facebook page. I can safely say they are all fab. She had the whole group oohing and aahing over them.


AnneeApple said...

Aw my lovely friend Lisa! Such a talented lady, love her loads! x

Karen said...

She is indeed.

CS said...

The mermaid hook that lisa didnt want to part with lives here & is absolutely amazing!! She's amazingly talented :)

Karen said...

She is definitely one talented lady. At least she can sleep knowing that her favourite hook is well loved. ;)