Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nothing But Scarves!

There were no finishes other than scarves on Tuesday. Everyone seems to have the scarf fever thanks to the charity. Which is a good thing for the charity. We have handed over 35 scarves so far and counting. These three were handed in by Margaret on Tuesday. Love the colours.

Margaret also finished one on the night. I am surprised she parted with it since it is her favourite colour!

Isabel also handed in another 2. She is now up to 9 scarves. She is determined to win a prize in the raffle. Can't say our Isabel is competitive. Never gets upset at the thought of others beating her. She has finished another one but her husband is thinking of pinching it.

Stephanie also handed in another two scarves. Love the sparkles. I would be inclined to pinch the ruffle scarf.

There were other things going on too. We had another new member. Her name is Audrey and she is being taught to knit socks. Tuesday she was just practicing knitting on the round but she seemed to have picked it up very quickly!

We are also setting up a demo for the nail art I mentioned in the last post. Elaine's talented sister is going to do that for us and she is offering cheaper rates for doing nails on the night if anyone is interested.

Last but not least I did July's member of the month interview. I think you will all be surprised by this one as our Lisa has kept quiet about a few things. Worth looking out for.

Back to the scarf charity. Linda says a huge thank you. She also said that she has very few scarves for men so if people are knitting scarves could they make them with men in mind.

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