Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spoke Too Soon!

Last week I was complaining (in jest) that there were far too many finishes as it took me ages to write the post. I was kidding but Tuesday I honestly thought people had taken it to heart as there were none. At least none at first. Turns out they were just holding out on me. First up we had Jean (and I did think it was going to be only Jean) who finished another lovely bracelet. I love it. It's quite classy and could be worn casual or smart.

She also knitted this lovely scarf. It's done with a type of ribbon yarn. I remember this type of scarf did the rounds when the group first started. it's nice to see it back as it does knit up lovely.

You will recognise this from last week. In a short period of time Jean managed to create another one. This was commissioned by Isabel who wanted one as a birthday gift for a friend. I am thinking we may have to talk Jean into giving us a wee beading demo some time.

Norma has been busy once again in her wee crafty house. She finished this lovely blanket and hat. I like the purples in the yarn. I think spacing them with white squares really highlights the colours in the variegated yarn.

Just to prove how productive she is Norma also finished this baby poncho on the night. This is the first one she has done and it's impressive. All of these items are for a craft fair that she has coming up. I think she is smitten with the poncho though so we may be seeing more.

Our Yvonne has finished yet another pompom blanket. I told you she was addicted to them. They are very cozy and soft so you can't really blame her. Plus the mix of white and blue made a rather fab pattern.

She has also been trying her hand at jewellery making again. She made this gorgeous bracelet and earring set. I think she made these as for a friends birthday. I love the silver on black.

Every time I see a large granny blanket I call it my favourite. This is my new favourite. This was made by Lyn. It's the colours I love. I do like a neutral colour breaking up vibrant ones.

Fee has also been busy on the crochet front. She made these adorable baskets. I love them both but the one with the lid is especially cute. How good would these be as little gift bags? I can tell you that Fee was working on more of them on the night so hopefully we shall see more.

 Last but not least is this rather sweet crochet cushion by Roberta. As well as having a fondness for blankets I also have a weak spot for  cushions. I love the colours in this one. I also love the fact that it's circular. I can also report that it is very squishable. I hugged it just to test it.

Although Helen was off on holiday we still did our weekly raffle. This time Norma won and she got a rather adorable snail which also acts as a tape measure. She was rather chuffed with it.

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