Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I'm Back!

Yep, it has been a few months since I have been along to the group. Huge thank you to the lovely Helen who has been keeping the blog updated since Christmas. You have me for the next few weeks for definite. Helen was experiencing technical difficulty so it was a good thing I was back. It meant that I could go round and see what everyone had been up to over the last few months. I am mightily impressed by what everyone has been doing. There is a rainbow blanket by a certain Caroline that I have my eye on. I am hoping I will be there when it is finished.

I don't know if many of you know but Isabel is an OT and now and then she comes across something new to try in her job. Last week she found herself making sugared flowers with icing. This poor rose has wilted a little in the car but it still looks good to me.

Both Margaret and Isabel have been knitting hats for the Seafarers charity. I will need to get a tally from Margaret of how many we have so far. Just a reminder that you have until the 24th of June to hand in hats. There will then be a prize draw.

Margaret has also been knitting for a friend in work. She says this baby outfit is the last and then she will move on to something for herself. About time too.

Although I have been away I have still managed to get a few things knitted up. These socks are my latest finish. Knitted up for my sister I am sure that she will not be missed with them on.

Do you remember the mood blankets that a few of us were doing?  Fran was also taking part but had made hers a little larger than the rest. Not that it mattered. At the end of the day as long as you liked what you created was the main thing. It meant that Fran has been working on hers a little longer than the rest of us and who would not love this? I did have it wrapped round me at one point and I can testify to its being soft and cosy. I love the colours too.

Our Esther is at it again. Trying to hide away some her finishes. These gorgeous booties were knitted for another members grandson. So on handing them over they were brought straight to me to be photographed. These should be acknowledged Esther!

 Linda has been busy doing some baby knitting. This pattern is the same as a blue one that Norma knitted a few months ago. The yarn is amazingly soft. I also like the subtle hints of pink throughout.

It would seem our Sally is another one for hiding away her finishes. Thankfully daughter in law Audrey ensured these were shown. The baby set is gorgeous. I like the hint of colour round the bands and pompoms. It really sets a finish off. I also love this little crochet wallet. It would be fab for a project or even a kindly or iPad. I have it in good authority that Sally is a fabulous crocheter but tends to leave them unfinished. So we have now to nag at her to get her projects sewn up.

#Since I have been away our Norma has got her crafting mojo back. Good thing too since she has her own we house of crafts. I didn't pick up the name of this yarn. I can tell you that it is very much like peacock feathers. Norma isn't a fan because it's a little scratchy when worn. However, it might soften with some conditioner.

She has also been working on some blankets. mint and grey blanket is just gorgeous. I do like grey blankets with a hint of colour. However the first blanket is just breathtaking. Some baby is going to love the bright colours in it. I personally love the touch of pompoms round the edging.

Lastly Norma used some of the yarn to make this cute little hat. It's going to the Yarnigans preemie charity.

Yvonne is still addicted to the pompom baby blankets. Can't say I blame her as they are very effective. The little bow at the bottom is tied on rather than stitched. This way it can be changed or removed. It means that this little blanket could be reused when it's owner becomes too old for it. Love that idea.

 Between starting her new business Fiona has still managed to find the time to get some crochet done. First of all she crocheted this cute hat. Then she crocheted up this ripple sampler. Fiona is more sensible than most and decided to do a little sample so that she could work out colours and size. Is it just me or would this sampler make a lovely scarf?

Our Janice has been equally busy. You may not know but she is one of the volunteers for the Commonwealth Games (trying hard not to be jealous). In the spirit of that she has knitted up the Commonwealth Games Mascot - Clyde. She has even knitted some airforce cadets.

When not knitting mascots she has been working on some baby clothes. I love the cables in those cardigans. Believe it or not the booties in the first pic came from the same ball of yarn. I think they look fab.

Last but not least we have another wallflower (not our Isabel who is posing). Jean brought along some of the bead work she has just finished. The amount of time and effort that must have went into each of those items. Well worth it though as they are fabulous and I do believe that our Isabel is smitten with them.

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