Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Baby Shower For Louise

The surprise for Louise was a baby shower which we held at our last get together. She knew we were up to something as we asked her to be there but I don't know what she was expecting. Should warn you now there are a lot of photo's here. If I miss anyone out or get anything wrong I am truly sorry. Should have noted everything down. ;)

I made Louise a baby blanket and added a little toy into the bag.

Laura used tunisian crochet to make two baby blankets. One in green and one in white. She also stitched a lovely Tigger design. It's unfortunate the photo doesn't do it justice.

Helen knitted a lovely hooded jacket using an American design. The buttons are cat shaped.

Joyce knitted a lovely baby blanket. The central design has a heart. Again the photo doesn't do it justice. She also knitted a green baby jacket.

Roberta was unable to make it along as she was on holiday. She did send a bag of goodies though. She knitted a lovely white and purple cardigan which matches the white and purple blanket from Donna. Donna was unable to make it along too because of a class trip at work.

Julia sent along this adorable teddy bear. Julia has unfortunately broken a rib and for obvious reasons wasn't there. We were all thinking of her though and hope she gets better soon.

These lovely set of socks were of course knitted by our sock lady, Ginnie.

Margaret knitted two brightly coloured cardigans in two different sizes.

Magdalena made two sets of toys to help when the baby starts teething. The colours are lovely and bright and has lots of things to attract the baby.

Gillian gave Louise some essentials and a lovely mobile.

This cuddly dog was made by our quilter, Janette. Louise has named him Dougal and he matches most of the bright clothes.

Monika gave this lovely photo frame. If you can't read the writing it says 'me and my mummy'.
This cosy hooded blanket was given by Isabel.

Carole crocheted this sweet white cardigan.

The very cute booties and bath items were from Linda

This unusual set of toys were made by Elaine. When you shake them you can hear the bells inside.

Val, another of our quilters, made Louise one of her famous bags. Inside were some essential bibs.

New member June brought along everyone's favourite, Peter Rabbit.

Louise actually brought along goodies too. Her mum made some ginger bread which she brought in for everyone to try. A number of people were asking for the recipe after. Not much knitting got done that night but I do have some photo's of a couple of finishes which I'll post soon.

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