Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Catch Up

Once again work has kept me away from the group and from posting. I have some finished photo's from a few weeks back that I haven't show here yet. So I'm not going to say much but just show off everyone's work. Hopefully it will be back to normality this week. Plus we will have Laura as member of the month.

The above images are all of crocheted items done by carole. They really are lovely and are for the preemie charity.

The above tiny knits were done by Elaine and again they are for the preemie charity. The cup shows just how tiny they are.
The above baby blanket was knitted by Margaret. If you look closely you can see the diamond and star pattern.

This blue cardigan was done by Roberta. If you look closely you can see the lovely buttons which set it off.

Last but not least we have young Adam here modelling the blanket finished by Donna. This was using a pattern her gran had used. Adam clearly gives his stamp of approval.

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