Monday, 22 June 2009

A Quick Study

About a month back we had a new member along called Isabel. She is a friend of Elaine and Linda's and she wanted to come along to learn to crochet. Gillian got her started on squares which she mastered that very night. A few weeks later she came back and saw the double sided blanket that Donna was working on. She asked to be shown how to do that. Isabel was so quick at picking it up that we joked she would be back a week later having finished a blanket. A few weeks later and she was onto her third. The above blanket is the second one she has done. The first one was in blue and the third one she was working on was in yellow. Donna is bringing along a book for her to borrow so that she doesn't get bored.

This cross stitch was by Linda. She was on holiday in Florida and her family bought her this kit. A few members wanted to pinch it or new someone who would it was so lovely.

This lovely preemie cardigan was done by Roberta for the preemie charity. Roberta was also working on a top secret project for the following weeks knitting group.

Elaine did this lovely hat set for the preemie charity. It's unfortunate that the camera doesn't show off the lovely lace pattern. The last day for handing in preemie items will be 30th June. We'll then photograph everything collected and hand them in.

This frog was knitted by Margaret using a pattern by Alan Dart. This was a gift for me and he had been named King Gilbert. Margaret was working on a summery top using Happy sock wool.
We also had Ginnie working on a purple pair of socks. The yarn had silver threads through it which were actual Stirling silver. I was also working on socks using merino sock wool. Donna was working on a top secret project also for the next knitting group gathering. Gillian was working on a lovely crochet blanket. Helen was working on her throw. Joyce was working on another baby shawl. Isabel was working on a pink cardigan for her granddaughter who will be visiting from the States this summer. Louise was working on a baby cardigan for her soon arrival.
We also had another new member. A lady called June who actually first came along the week before. She was working on a baby blanket which she finished that night. All she had to do was work in the loose yarn. She decided to do that at home and started a cross stitch kit of a sheep. All of this is for a grandchild due in October.

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