Saturday, 19 June 2010

Good Luck Linda!

Linda will be doing the moonwalk in Edinburgh right now. She is raising money for breast cancer. Good luck Linda!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I thought you guys would be the perfect people to ask .... what charities do you knit for? And what ones would you recommend? I am looking for things like knit for babies, elderly, etc...

Thanks Georgina

Karen said...


We tend to find charities to knit for through the internet or magazines. Our first charity though we knitted some premature baby items and just handed them in to the local baby unit. Most baby units are more than happy to receive this sort of donation. For the elderly you could try knitting blankets and hand them into your local elderly home. Otherwise you can use specific organisations. If you google Knit-a-square charity you will find the charity we are currently knitting for. They take our knitted squares and turn them into blankets for kids. If you google teddies for tragedies you'll find another we have knitted for which collects teddy bears for orphanages.

Good luck.