Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Two reasons to celebrate!

We had a few reasons to celebrate on Tuesday. First of all Linda successfully completed the moonwalk in Edinburgh the previous Saturday. She managed it in eight hours. Relieved that she finished as it was a lot of hard work due to all those hills. Not only did she get a medal she managed to raise about £500!

Everyone who know Helen will have been aware that she was counting down the days until her retirement. Last week was her final week and she was celebrating. Obviously with all this free time on her hands now we didn't want her to get bored. A number of us volunteered to give lessons in crafts she hasn't tried before. Helen was delighted and has said she will take everyone up on it.

Val has also been busy. Two of these bears were knitted by Margaret and myself. The rest were all knitted by Val. These bears are going off to Uganda this week. Val was also working on crochet squares for the group charity.

June brought along her grand daughter to visit us. She happily watched us all as we knitted (chatted). This is the shawl June knitted her a while back which is well loved. We also had another baby in the group. New member Laura brought her 10wk old baby along for the evening.

Whilst Linda may have been busy training for her charity walk she still managed to get this lovely crochet scarf finished for her shoe box charity. Which reminds me, Linda is still looking for unwanted shoe boxes if anyone has them.

It was quite a busy night. We had Donna working on a baby blanket. Margaret working on her through. Josephine was working on another lovely crochet jacket for her niece. Linda had started another scarf for charity. Elaine was working on some beaded jewelry. Helen was working on her white cardigan. Magdalena was working on a top for the baby. Monika was knitting squares. Isabel was working on more teddies for tragedies. Roberta was working on a baby top. Joyce was working on a cardigan. Alison was back from France looking relaxed and working on her cross stitch bird sampler. Aileen was working on her doorstop which looks about half finished now. Sheena was working on a cat cross stitch. I was working on a Sarah Kay cross stitch. June was working on some squares. Janette was knitting a scarf.

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