Thursday, 17 June 2010

Photo shoot!

Once again June has been busy. On Tuesday she handed all of these squares over to me for the knit a square charity. That makes 140 squares handed in by June alone. She then said that she actually has made 150 so far. I don't think this will be the end as she was working on more that evening. I promise to do another count soon as we have had over 20 handed in from Aileen, Elaine, Linda, Val, Janette and Roberta over the last few weeks. Only two weeks of collecting left and then I will send them away. If anyone would like to keep going and send them off themselves I can hand over the address.

These teddies were knitted by myself and Margaret for Val's boys brigade. Isabel was also working on more and has become quite addicted to them. She has another two to sew up and was knitting another one that night. Meanwhile Margaret was working on her throw and I was knitting another pair of socks.

Having been taught to make granny squares from Donna during the weekend away I decided to use that to make a blanket for myself. I finished it over the weekend. I know I have blaming Donna for a new found addiction but really I should be thanking her. Thank you Donna!

How cute are these bunnies? These are the bunnies Monika made and brought along to the fair on Saturday. She took them on a photo shoot in the local park and emailed me the photos. Monika had her member of the month interview on Tuesday and I should have saved these photo's for that but couldn't wait to show them off.

Here they are sitting together. Monika has mentioned that they are currently dating!

On Tuesday night we also had Magdalena working on a top for her daughter. Monika was knitting squares for the charity. Linda was crocheting a scarf for her shoe box charity. Linda was knitting football gloves. Dawn was knitting a beautiful baby blanket. Aileen was working on her doorstop. She hopes to have it finished before heading off to her honeymoon in a month. Laura was working on her crochet blanket. Donna was working on a lovely hooded baby blanket. Joyce was also working on one of her famous baby blankets. Helen was working on a lovely summery cardigan in white.

Last but not least we got to welcome back Gillian who is once again mobile.

Look out for Monika's interview which I will post in the next few days.

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