Friday, 8 November 2013

A Star In The Rising!

It was a fairly quiet night on Tueasday. Lots of people away because of the fireworks. Either hiding indoors or taking their kids to displays. However, it certainly wasn't quiet for finishes. This beautiful baby cardigan was knitted by the lovely Swati. You may remember that Swati came along to the group in January hoping to learn to knit. Stephanie and Helen took her under their wing and she knitted some dolls. This is her first garment and Janice gave her a hand in teaching this along with Stephanie. She had quite an admiring crowd round her on Tuesday and it's easy to understand why. Hard to believe that this lovely pattern was at the hands of a beginner. It's not exactly a simple pattern and it was beautifully done. To top it off Swati is now learning to crochet granny squares. This time June is doing the teaching.

This doll has a new outfit thanks to Lyn. She knitted every part of it and decorated it with lace. Sadly she doesn't have a name yet. That will be rectified shortly as her name will be part of a competition to raise money for Children in Need.

Lyn also finished another of her hats. I actually quite like dark grey knitted up. Especially in lacy projects. The sparkle in the yarn though really makes this winter knit. It's lovely and soft too. For once my camera was able to pick up the sparkles. Alas, it's never going to pick up how soft a yarn is. You will just have to use your imagination.

Did I mention that we had a new sock obsessive in the group? I am sure I did last week. Isabel has knitted these beautiful Christmas socks for her grandson who requested them. She is now on her second pair for his brother. These socks are amazing. I do like colour work and this is one of Isabel's talents. It seems sock knitting was just waiting for her though as she worked between several different patterns to create these.

These lovely little flowers are the work of June. I love how delicate they are. She plans to attach them to pins so that they can be worn as broaches. Who wouldn't want to wear one of these?

Margaret hadn't quite finished her Christmas cards as we thought. This is her latest finish. She stitched this for her younger daughter. A perfect choice as she loves meerkats (both the real animal and the adverts).

She also knitted this lovely red stocking. The fork seems out of place but it was actually used in the making of the stocking. Our Izzi once showed us how to make pom poms using a fork. This is what Margaret did to make the little pom pom at the front of the stocking. Easier than using two tiny circles of card.

Janice also adapted something taught by Izzi. She took one of the bags that Izzi has taught us to sew in the past and she made it bigger. It is made by a kind of oil cloth material to give it that shiny look and make it sturdier. There are even handy pockets on the inside. I love the pattern on the fabric.

Stephanie has been knitting for her stash again. This beautiful baby jumper is going into her famous boxes. I am sure she has knitted this pattern before. I remember the stripe round the collar which I love. Very effective and love the two tones of blue.

I also took a quick snap of scarves that both Jill and Magdalena are working on. As you can see Jill is doing one similar to her finished scarf from last week. Magda is more of a closed crochet. The reason I took the photo is for the colours. They just scream autumn and since it was very cold that night they seemed perfect. Jill's yarn is by James C. Brett and Magda's is by King Cole. Both gorgeous yarns and beautifully soft!

Saturday is our Christmas craft day. I think everyone is looking forward to that. Sadly I won't be there but Helen will and she will no doubt post something about the day. So look out for that. Plus, if you manage it along, have fun.

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