Tuesday, 19 November 2013


You know the weather has turned when evreyone starts knitting hats and scarves for themselves. I keep thinking that it is too soon for this change in weather and then remember that it's mid November. While I am in denial Anthea has been busy with the needles. She finished these beautiful cowls. I do love a chunky knit and the large buttons are lovely. The first cowl is Antheas second shot at giving cables a go. I think we might have a cable addict and as someone who also loves them I heartily approve such an addiction.

Cowls aren't the only thing she has been working on. She also finished this lovely autumn scarf. Autumn colours are really a hit this year and these ones are beautiful. She also finished another baby blanket with some very chunky yarn. This was knitted up using 20mm needles.

Anthea isn't the only one developing her skills. Stephanie too has been hard at work. This lovely glass panel quilt is the most difficult piece Stephanie has attempted to date. She says she will never make anything like it again but I am sure she will be talked into it. It's far too pretty not to be repeated.

She has also been sticking to her safety area in terms of sewing. She made these lovely pencil cases for her grandchildren. Stephanie likes to make a lot of their Christmas presents because they seem to get a kick out of it (and who wouldn't appreciate a handmade gift from Stephanie). Despite the bright colours of the girly cases I am drawn to the one at the bottom.

Janice also had the sewing machine out. This beautiful project purse was the result of Saturday. Helen missed this one (it was a busy day) so I got to photograph this, mwa ha ha ha. I have to say that I am a little bit in love with the fabric.

I am also mightily jealous of another finish. I LOVE mug rugs. I am constantly pinning them on pinterest. Our Janice has tried her hand at them and you can see how fabulous they look in the photo above. This is definitely going on next years bucket list. Speaking of which, I am going to be going round people and asking them what is on their bucket list for next year. Will speak to a few people each week.

Jean also knitted this beautiful cushion. I seriously wanted to pinch it. I also know another Westie loving member who would have snatched it from poor Jean had she seen it. It's adorable and beautifully knitted up. The colours are lovely too. The back sets the whole thing off which was knitted up in stripes and fastened with large blue buttons.

This is why I need to start taking notes. I am positive though that both of these projects were knitted up by new member Sandra. Beautifully done too. I love the little motif on the hat. Sandra actually joined us a few weeks ago and this is the first finish she has brought along to the group. Welcome Sandra!

This is where I give our Esther into trouble! She doesn't like to show off her projects. Poor Noreen has to do it for her. I know anyone else who knitted up this gorgeous cardigan would want to shout out about it. From now on Esther has promised me not to hold back on us. I am trusting everyone to make sure she sticks to that promise otherwise we won't get to see the gorgeous baby clothes she is knitting up for her granddaughter.

Roberta has also been knitting in pink. She has been using variegated yarn. We all love a variegated yarn. It has such an impact on a pattern and can change the look quite drastically. You can see that here with the white stripes through out the cardigan. I also love the cables up the front and up the sleeves.

Lyn is someone else who is being sensible and preparing for winter. Although none of these hats are for her. The reason I am showing off the ball band from the yarn she used is that it's a little bit different. They yarn is supposed to glow in the dark. A small test was done by Lyn and the hats didn't quite glow but I don't think the setting was the best. Even if they don't glow in the dark they still look fab.

Our Lisa will probably have a go at me for this but every time she brings in a custom hook for someone I HAVE to take a photograph of it. These hooks are just too good. All three of these are impressive. As a geek the R2D2 one calls out to me. However, look at the sparkly Christmas tree! I got a photo of that one on the sly as I understand that it's a one off custom hook. This cheek wee elephant was a mistake. He was supposed to be blue rather than purple. Look how cute he is though!

Speaking of Lisa, I got her socks finished using her yarn. The colourway is called rainbow bright if anyone is interested and knits up beautifully. Lisa was delighted with them. We are quite a loud bunch but there has been occasional dances of joy around the room. This is perhaps the first time I have seen someone jump up on a chair.

As the title suggests we also had a couple of visitors. The first was this adorable puppy which was passed around the room. The poor thing must have been terrified but everyone was dying to get a cuddle. He belongs to a friend of Fee's so was a one time visitor.

The lovely Tracy was also back. She was unable to come along last time due to ill health but made it on Tuesday. It's always nice to have her along and not just because she does nails. Nail art is just another side of creativity and everyone is just as fascinated by her skills.

Both Isabel and Roberta walked out with beautiful nails thanks to Tracy.

Whew, that post was a long one and I suspect that's going to be the norm up until Christmas. Speaking of which, we are having a small Christmas party on the 3rd December. Everyone is to bring along a wrapped gift worth no more than £5. It's part of a game thought up by the lovely Elaine. There will also be food and goodies so don't eat too much. Our last day will then be on the 10th. This is just because of difficulty parking. We will be back on the 7th January. Don't worry, I will remind everyone.

Oh, and this week I will be interviewing Janice for November member of the month.

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