Sunday, 24 November 2013

Happy Birthday!

Not our birthday this time. It was the birthday of lovely Noreen. Jean had brought along a cake which we brought out and sang to her. Much to poor Noreen's mortification! We hope she had a lovely evening though.

Margaret is knitting some baby items for a friend and finished this lovely baby hat and cardigan set.

I finished a sock. No, not socks, a sock. Magdalena asked me if I would mind knitting up the partner to a sock she had done herself. It had been so long she couldn't remember how. I was rather pleased that I managed to get them to match.

Lisa crocheted these beautiful baby blankets. The white, pink and orange is done in her own yarn so needless to say it's my favourite. She did this whilst waiting in the car doing the school run.

A number of you may remember this. It is in fact the logo to Magdalena's Stitching A Rainbow. For those of you who might not know, Magdalena makes children's quilts to order. This quilted logo is perfect for those gorgeous quilts.

She also finished her mood scarf. I am more than a little bit in love with this. The idea behind it was that each day she had to crochet a row. The colour she picked out had to match her mood. Hence, a mood scarf. It was doing this that Magdalena learned how to do crochet without the foundation row. The reason being that she didn't want the foundation to be classed as one row since she was only to do one each day. She also used variegated yarn as she said that her mood would change through out the day. The end result is gorgeous. Although Jill did say it would possible be interesting for a psychologist to analyse.

Esther had another finish and it only took some wheedling for myself to get her to show it. Her granddaughter is going to be the best dressed with all these cardigans and sets she is knitting up. This latest is gorgeous. Love the fan pattern and it is certainly beautifully knitted.

This beautiful hat belongs to Kathleen. I love the style of these hats and Kathleen always adds a little something to the front to make it extra special. Kathleen is thinking of having a go at craft fairs eventually. In the meantime though she is going to start up her own facebook page. So look out for that.

Jean has also been busy. This time for Christmas. She knitted this angel which came free with one of the knitting magazines. I love the detail. These angels definitely have character.

Stephanie has been back at the sewing again. She stitched up this lovely patchwork bag. The colours go so well together and it looks fab. Definitely something to be proud of.

You might think you have seen these socks before and in a way you are right. These are slightly smaller than the pair I showed a few weeks ago knitted by the lovely Isabel. This pair is going to her smaller grandson for Christmas. Her grandsons loved the fact that she had knitted herself Christmas socks and asked for some of their own. Hence Isabel's knitting frenzy.

This gorgeous blanket was done by Elaine. I love how a simple granny square can look so different just by switching to variegated yarn. Each of these squares look so different as a result and the effect is fab.

Despite being unwell last week Audrey has been busy. She finished stitching the gorgeous Santa cross stitch. Just in time for the Christmas season.

In getting ready for winter Audrey has also finished knitting up this scarf and hat. The scarf is beautifully done in lace knitting. Whereas the had is a lovely, chunkier knit.

If you were lucky enough to make the Christmas craft day you would have been able to take part in Izzi's lavender sachet lesson. She brought along a shoe box full of lavender sachets she had made up with the leftovers. These are so lovely and they smell amazing. Izzi was selling these ones to contribute to Lyn's charity. Alas they all sold out to the group within seconds.

You might remember Laura's hat from a few weeks ago. She has knitted up another one in reverse colours. I just love the design. I also discovered that Laura is charting her own fair isle design. I look forward to seeing that.

She also knitted herself a scarf. I love the colours and love that it starts with and ends with the same colour pattern. It's also extremely soft and cosy.

I have also been asking people what their bucket list for next year is. That basically means, what do they want to achieve next year. So each week I am going to post a wee list of what people say.

Isabel - love to learn to do traditional embroider and finish my advent calendar.

Elaine - Finish a cross stitch I started when Amy was 4. I also want to do something with Sashiko

Margaret - Finish the fairy cross stitch I started at Gartmore and the Christmas cushions from a few years back. I also want to try Japanese folded quilting.

Karen - I want to learn how to make a mug rug and learn to do tunisian crochet

Audrey - I plan to learn to do cables and to crochet better

Dawn - I want to make a granny square blanket for myself and socks for myself. Next year I plan to make things for myself for a change.

There will be more of that next week. I also did our member of the month interview. So look out for what Janice has to say as well as some photo's of her fabulous work.

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