Thursday, 14 November 2013

Craft Day!

Our Craft Days are always action packed and Saturday the 9th of November was one of our best days. There was a real buzz about the place with lots of laughter in the air. I am not at liberty to reveal the source of the horse laughs but rumours abound!!!!!!!

Magda was very busy with her crochet class. Everyone received personal tuition in learning to start a piece of work without using the foundation chain.

Izzy was was full of great ideas and boundless patience when she led her classes. At this point she was explaining how to do a simple form of free motion quilting to embellish a zipper bag. As you know, many people have bought sewing machines over the last two years or more because they have been inspired by Izzy to have a go.

Caroline had Roberta really intrigued by her crochet project which included adding beads as she went along. The completed Christmas Tree gift bag was stunning!

Dawn got some assistance with her hand sewing project which is a Christmas present for someone. Terribly hush hush! But if you ask her nicely, she tell you about it.

Donna was busy working on a baby quilt for her little girl. Hopefully, Donna will bring the stunning little quilt in when it is complete. You will be impressed!

Aileen brought one of her finishes on Saturday. This lovely little vest dress is actually a vest that has been altered and added to. Izzy's influence strikes again!

As requested, I've attempted to create a step by step guide of the Lavender bags, designed by Izzy, for the those who were unable to be there on Saturday. Firstly, cut a rectangle of fabric approximately 9 inches by 6 inches.

Next, do a zigzag stitch along each edge to prevent fraying and then fold one of the long sides in by about 1.5 inches. Sew it in place using a quarter inch seam.

Then, fold a ribbon in half and pin below the seam on the right side of the work.

Fold the bag over, right sides together. Please ensure that the ribbon ends are sticking out as shown. Sew down one side only and stop.

Finger press the seam open and then turn the the fabric as above. Sew along the bottom seam. Press. Fill with lavender.

Fran proudly displays her completed lavender bag. Another make to take home!

 Lyn arrived from Hobbycraft in the afternoon to do her class and brought Pudsey Bear along to join in the fun. He had great fun with the sewing machine but for some reason he was unable to master knitting!

Donna managed to spare some time from her sewing to participate in Lyn's class. This was the only time this crowd were quiet. Look at the concentration on their faces! Norma was well pleased with her make!

Back at the sewing machines ...... Izzy thought there was just enough time to make Mug Rugs with some of the scrap fabric from her stash. She gave a masterclass on how to attach a binding and create sharp corners.

This Mug Rug was almost complete in under one hour.

Caroline was delighted to show her little Christmas Tree decorations. Altogether now......Ahhhhh! Sweet!

If you feel inspired and would like to come along to our next craft day just add your name to the list whenever a new date is announced. You won't regret it!

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