Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Cards - Gartmore at Home - Christmas Craft Day

Helen is famous in the group for her card making and scrap booking skills. When we talked about having a Christmas themed day she kindly offered to teach people how to make a simple Christmas card.

Helen even had these packs made up for everyone. They came with instructions as well as all the pieces they would need to make the card.

We used the table in the foyer of the management suite for this as it meant people could still decorate cakes and sew stockings if they wished to.

The class was done in sessions so that everyone could take part. As you can see everyone went home with a beautifully made card. Thank you Helen.

Again there are more photo's than this and they are all on our facebook page. I just have one more update from our craft fair to do and that one involves a napkin folding class from Alison.

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