Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cupcakes - Gartmore at Home - Christmas Craft Day

Our second Gartmore at home day was a bigger success than the first. This one had a Christmas theme in order to help people think of craft things to do for Christmas. First of all we had a fantastic cupcake decorating lesson from Elaine. She showed us two different ways of decorating the cakes.

Miriam and Freya also joined in and very much enjoying it. They clearly have some natural talent at it too as they turned out perfectly.

Donna's sister, Julie, was along and had a go too.

As punishment for the video, Elaine took my camera off me. So I now know how it feels to be at the other side of the lens (it's still not going to stop me, ha ha)

We also had a surprise visit from Sheena. Was lovely to see her and she was able to stay long enough to be roped into decorating some cakes.

The lovely thing was that many people were able to go up and decorate a few more later in the day. I think everyone very much enjoyed this lesson. They especially enjoyed eating Elaine's baking (as we always do).

Elaine put lots of prep into this and I can safely say we all appreciated it. So thank you. There were of course more lessons which I will post separately. I also haven't posted every photo here as I went a little crazy with the camera. You will find them all on our facebook page though.

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