Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stockings - Gartmore at Home - Christmas Craft Day

Izzy kindly gave us another sewing lesson. This time she taught us to make little stockings that we can hang up at Christmas. Stephanie here is being taught how to add the fur to the top.

You can see Julie and Linda working away on the sewing machine.

Julie was the first to finish a stocking. Very cute and can hold Christmas goodies.

 Freya and Miriam also had a shot and made some stockings.

Some, like Margaret, made more than one after that first lesson.

Izzy even gave Linda a quick lesson on how to make a pencil case. Love the fabric. The sewing lessons are always a huge success. Thanks to Izzy's wonderful teaching no one goes away with out completing something.

Again these aren't all the photo's. There are more on our facebook page. Still have classes from Helen and Alison to go.

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