Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Crafting

Our group has been busy crafting for Christmas ever since we had that craft day with a Christmas theme. Alison has been especially busy along with Roberta. They are neighbours and decided to have their own craft day and got quite a lot done. Alison made the stockings after her lesson from Izzy. She also made some  more Japanese folded bags which was originally taught by Helen. Caroline also gave her the pattern for the lovely knitted stockings for the tree. All of these are actually planned for someone.

As I said Roberta has also been busy. She managed quite a few of the stitched stockings too. I have to say I love the teddy bear fabric. She also managed to stitch some of the Japanese folded bags and knitted a stocking. She also knitted this lovely Santa Sack which will also go up on the tree.

Margaret has also been busy Christmas wise. She knitted a set of tree stockings and mitts and decorated them with little Christmas buttons. She got this idea and pattern from Caroline (we are a very sharing group). These are all going out to family members. She also knitted this snowman. I should have actually posted it last week but the photo didn't turn out. This tuneful snowman was given to me.

A few weeks ago we had a swap night. One of the items on the swap table was a book of patterns to knit dolls from Raggy Dolls. Anyone remember that cartoon? Dawn pointed it out and Margaret picked it up. It didn't take her long to knit Sad Sack for her youngest daughter who was a huge fan of the cartoon.

This doll is the perfect example of group work. Ally knitted the doll with a pattern from Caroline. Caroline stitched her up and gave it to Alison who commissioned them to make it. The yarn was picked out from odds and ends and go surprisingly well together.

Despite being busy myself I also had a knitting finish. I managed to knit these socks which are a gift to my sister.

Anthea decided to spend her time waiting on her daughter at dancing constructively. She managed to crochet the entire scarf in the 45mins she waited. As a result she has promised to teach on of the other mums who was waiting with her.

Isabel also had a finish. Isabel likes to try out new things and she decided to do some jewellery making. This lovely bracelet is her first attempt.

Last but not least Caroline has also been busy (when she isn't sewing up dolls). She was asked by her work to knit a cactus for an event they are planning. She found a pattern and finished knitting it fairly quickly. She has also been knitting phone socks for friends. The photo above is one she knitted for herself and was the pattern she used for her friends. Love the little flower decoration.

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