Sunday, 13 November 2011

Finishes - Gartmore at Home - Christmas Craft Day

This is the last post featuring our Christmas craft day, I promise. This one is actually more about the finishes that were brought along. Magdalena finished her lovely scarf using the cancan yarn. Like everyone else who has used it she found she had plenty leftover to make another one.

Linda took the lesson we had on the last Gartmore at home and expanded on it. She made a larger version of the drawstring bag and then cross stitched on to the front of it. This is a gift for a friend who keeps her knitting in a carrier bag. Have to admit I am a little jealous.

Between joining in classes Magdalena spent the day sewing a zip onto this beautiful jumper. This is for her son Adam. She has another one in green for her youngest.

We also had a little visitor along. Aileen brought her little girl, Olivia, for a visit. She managed to sleep through all our chatting and laughter.

As you might be able to tell it was a good day and we will definitely be doing it again sometime after Christmas. As I mentioned earlier we have lots more photo's and you'll find them on our facebook page. Just type in Glasgow Fort StitchNBitch into the search.

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