Saturday, 12 November 2011

Napkin Folding - Gartmore at Home - Christmas Craft Day

Last but not least of the classes on Saturday was the napkin folding. Alison has worked in hotels for years. When someone said they would like to learn how to fold napkins she kindly offered to teach everyone.

Just about everyone wanted to take part in this class. First off she taught everyone how to make the rabbit ears which then sit in a glass.

You can see Izzy here showing them off.

Next was the fan.

I am ashamed to say that I can't remember what this one is called but it looks quite pretty. Alison suggested sitting this napkin in a basket which you can then fill with goodies.

 Last but not least was the soltare. The can stand on their own like the fans. Unlike the fans though you can sit something in the centre. I think this one will be the favourite.

As you can see everyone seemed to enjoy the class. I think it's safe to saw we enjoyed the entire day. There were even a few people commenting that it was even better than the last one. So we will definitely be doing another Gartmore at home after Christmas.

This isn't the last Gartmore at Home post as there were some finished projects brought along for me to photograph. I'll post that soon. In the meantime I just want to thank the lovely ladies for the fantastic classes. Thank you Izzy, Elaine, Helen and Alison. Also, thank you to everyone who came along and a big thank you to the Glasgow Fort team who once again allowed us to use their space.


Craftyanny said...

Looks like you all had a fab time.
What day, time and where do you meat please?
I did ask before but never got around to coming along and have forgotten:(
Anne x

Karen said...

Hi Anne,

It was a great day. We meet every Tuesday at 7.00 - 8.30pm in the management suite of the Glasgow Fort. Hope we see you there at some point.