Friday, 28 May 2010

Dolls and bears!

Stephanie has been working away on a doll for the last few weeks. She brought her in all finished this week. She has even made a box full of clothes for her. My personal favourite is the yellow jacket with the white bag and the little bear button.

Isabel finished her second cross stitch. She had intended to enter it into the challenge but it was too small. She says she didn't enjoy this cross stitch quite as much as the first one but is still going to keep going.

Josephine also had a finish. She crocheted this hooded jacket for her niece. The colours are lovely and she plans to set it off with a ribbon edging round the hood.

Just about everyone was working on squares on Tuesday. Probably easier since there was so much going on with the challenge. June brought in another 35. That's 70 in total she has handed in and has another 35 at home. I did mention that she could actually work on other things. Monika, Aileen, Janette, Val, Elaine and Roberta also handed ins some squares which makes Tuesdays total 48.

For those of you who wanted to know I have now collected 146 squares in the last few weeks. We sent away 48 a few weeks ago which brings our total to 194. Not bad going. The photo above is of the 148 all together.

Although most people were working on squares not everyone was. Ginnie, Helen and myself were knitting socks. In fact Donna was also knitting socks much to the delight of Ginnie. Alison was working on her cross stitch. Margaret was working on a baby jumper. Linda was working on a scarf for her charity. Which reminds me, remember if you have any shoe boxes you don't need to bring them in to Linda.

Most of you will have received and email with a plea from Val. Her church are going over to Africa to do some building. They are wanting to take 300 teddy bears with them. If anyone would like to knit a bear rather than square it would be much appreciated. The pattern is simple so that every child gets the same. Only changes you can make to it is the colours (although preferably not white). The deadline is the same as the squares, July. Even if you only knit one bear it would be greatly appreciated. I will add some links to the website and the pattern under here (there is even a crochet pattern). I'll also be bringing along a print out on Tuesday.

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