Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Our Stitch 'N' Bitch Weekend: Part Three

On the Sunday morning after a huge breakfast most of us continued with our own projects. Donna was working on a cross stitch for her wedding, Laura was working on her blanket and Ginnie was working on squares. Almost everyone who had been taught to crochet were practising that.

Elaine finished her square that morning in lovely greens and then started another one.

Before preparing for the sock class Ginnie handed over all the squares she had knitted. 12 in total.

Having admitted defeat to the last few anagrams Ginnie opened the envelope with the answers and read the two that no one could get. Afterwards the chocolates were shared out. I'm afraid none of the answers will be printed here as the anagrams might be printed in a future newsletter. Just so those unable to come along are lucky enough to have a go.

Once everyone was settled Ginnie began her sock knitting class. You can see from the boards all the preparation she put into it. The large basket of yarn was filled with all her leftover sock yarn. She encouraged everyone to help themselves. Most used it for the little socks but some used it for more crochet squares. She was certainly brave as she was running two classes at the same time. A class for cuff down socks for those who had never knitted a pair before and a class for toe up socks for those more experience in knitting socks.

Poor Donna must have felt hard done by. During this class we were all so quiet as we were concentration. We were unable to give Ginnie the hard time we gave Donna. Alison and Roberta were knitting the cuff down socks and Helen was knitting the toe up.

Magdalena also knitting the toe up socks shows the little pocket she formed for the toes. Between instructions Magdalena also found the time to work on the top she is knitting for her daughter.

Roberta was the first to finish a lovely tiny sock and was soon on to the next.

Lunch time arrived and Donna was unable to drag herself away. Determined to finish her sock she brought it to the dinner table with her. I believe that some offered to feed her whilst she knitted. Thankfully she did put it down long enough to eat the large three course lunch we were served.

And a group photo. One of the waiters was kind enough to take this for us. Although we did have to wait until Donna finished the row she was on.

After lunch it was straight back to the socks. Elaine here is proudly showing the sock she finished.

Of course I couldn't not add in this photo as Donna's determination paid off. She has now started onto a large pair of socks for herself. Ginnie's cunning plan to turn everyone into sock knitters is starting to pay off.
After another tea break it was off home for us all. We had a fantastic time and whilst some of us were too addicted to the classes to work on our own projects we still got a lot done.
Believe it or not I still have one more part to go. Tomorrow I will be posting the last Gartmore update. Then Friday I will be posting May's member of the month which is Roberta. I did her interview at Gartmore so seems only fitting it should come straight after our weekend blog posts.

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