Monday, 24 May 2010


One of thing the group loves is seeing what family members have created and passed down. The above table cloth was embroidered by Roberta's aunt. The very aunt who taught her to knit. In the close up of the centre piece you can see the intricate detail and the different types of stitches used. Believe it or not if it wasn't for the writing this would be reversible. The stitching is that perfect. The edging is done in lace crochet which was also done by Roberta's aunt.

Roberta also brought a long a few finishes of her own. There are eleven scarves there in total. A friend commissioned her to do them so that she can give them away as gifts. Roberta was actually working on a twelfth scarf as there is one amongst those she is considering keeping for herself. I asked her if she was loathe to knit another scarf again. Surprisingly she said she actually enjoyed it and is considering becoming the scarf lady much like Ginnie being the sock lady. The cross stitch design was also done by Roberta. So pretty and framed by a friend. She brought it along to prove that she can do cross stitch.

Elaine also had a few finishes for us. She finished the lovely wrap she had been working on. Her sister is getting married in Jamaica in the summer and she knitted this especially for the occasion. Unfortunately the camera didn't pick up on the swarovski crystal beads she stitched to the edging. Trust me, they really do set it off. The tassels also have beading. Elaine also finished another crochet square for the charity and set to work on another.

Linda brought along the sets of juggling balls she had been knitting over the last few weeks and over the weekend away. The bag on her lap is filled with them. Whilst I was able to get a picture of her posing with them she said no to actually juggling them. I don't know if you can see the book next to her in the photo. It's 100 flowers to knit and crochet loaned to her from Ginnie. She is hoping to make some more things to attach to her bra during the moonlight walk in June. If anyone would like to make something for her to wear she will gladly accept it. Linda then spent the evening working on crochet squares for our knit a square charity and also finished one before we left.

Despite a few people unable to make it along due to holidays it was a fairly loud evening. Everyone was excited to talk about the weekend away. Lots of us were practising the crafts they had been taught at the weekend. I was working on a granny square blanket and had brought along a toe up sock to get some advice from Ginnie. Margaret, Linda, Elaine, Aileen and Sheena were all practising their crochet squares. Although Donna wasn't there I do know that she has since started working on a pair of socks for herself.

Other projects on the go were squares for charity by June, Isabel, Ada and Monika. Magdalena was working on a shrug for her daughter. Ginnie was working on a pair of socks in lovely spring colours for herself. Julia was working on her pink top. Stephanie was working on a doll with a little help from Ada. She has already knitted up it's clothes and just needs to put the doll together. Helen was also working on a pair of socks in some lovely self striping yarn. Laura was working on her crochet blanket.

This week will be another busy week as it's our Spring challenge. Our second Spring challenge since we started and our third challenge altogether. This year the theme is favourite things and due to our limited space shouldn't be any bigger than A4. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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