Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Our Stitch 'N' Bitch Weekend: Part Two.

After another tea break and our crochet class we got a little demonstration. Elaine had asked Val about her Japanese quilting and so she offered to show her. In the end we all crowded round as she explained how to make these little triangles that turn into beautiful wall hangings.
The above piece is made of six triangles stitched together. Each of these triangles started off as three pieces of fabric stitched together into a circle. This large Hexagon will be stitched with others to make a wall hanging. The design on the other side is different which makes it reversible.

The two finished wall hangings are more examples of Val's work but done with circles and squares.

Sadly Val and Janette left us just before dinner as they were only coming up for the day. After a lovely three course dinner most of us continued with the squares. You can see Sheena and Aileen proudly showing off their squares. Whilst Margaret and myself thought we were brave having a go at colour changes. Aileen started on some crochet circles.

You can see all our squares here. Donna was proud of having taught so many of us to produce these.
Val and Janette may have gone home but Val's presence was certainly still felt. For the Sunday groups 1st birthday Val had made up a sheet of craft related Anagrams. She kindly did the same for our weekend away and provided a box of chocolates for the winner. The anagrams were all related to crafts done by members of the group. Hours was spent on this and it turned into a group effort. Myself and a few others gave in but Ginnie, June, Magdalena, Linda and Elaine all kept going. Ginnie even got the scrabble set out determined to get the last few left. I have to say most of us headed to bed after 11pm and left her to it.

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