Thursday, 20 May 2010

Our Stitch 'N' Bitch Weekend: Part Four

I promise this is the last part to our Weekend away. Roberta's member of the month interview will be posted tomorrow which was taken during the weekend. But that's it. With this last part I just wanted to prove that we did in fact leave the building at points during those two days. It wasn't all sitting about and knitting and eating. Look how pretty the building is and all of this area was filled with rabbits. Which we of course found fascinating since most of us rarely step outside the city of Glasgow.

On the first night Helen, Laura, Margaret and myself took a short walk round the grounds. We ended up near a field of cows which then tried to stare us out. This of course amused us no end and we must have stood there twenty minutes laughing.

After a very large breakfast on the Sunday Margaret, Elaine, Linda and myself decided to walk some of it off. The walk through the trees was lovely (if you ignore the midgies).

Helen and Magdalena were out enjoying the view. I just missed snapping a photo of June who had that minute walked round the corner of the building.

Roberta and Alison also heading out for a walk after breakfast.

Aileen here was the only one to take complete advantage of the sunshine. It didn't occur to the rest of us to take out our projects into the sun. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. A beautiful area, lovely weather, lovely staff, lots of project time, fantastic classes from Ginnie and Donna and of course not forgetting Ginnie organising all of this for us. Who's up for next year?

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